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Dancing on the Killing Field

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The Count & the Countess

The AxI community is an Alucard and Integral relationship based livejournal community. There is often mature subject matter discussed here, so be forewarned. Please keep all discussions on a mature level, argue in a logical manner and please don't take anything discussed here personally.

Fan fiction, fan art, cosplay and graphics are more than welcome to be posted. Please use an lj-cut if the image is larger than 400x400, longer than 100 words or is R or NC-17 in nature. Please also note when something is R or NC-17 in bold so that others might know whether or not they wish to open/read the file.

As always, be respectful to other members and remember that if you are posting graphics and using art that is not your own, try to get said artist's permission or, at the very least, link back to said artist's main page or work.

♥♥Fan Fiction and Fan Art Links♥♥ A comprehensive list of fan fiction and fan art sites for the AxI inclined.

To leisure your search, use the community's tags.

Rule 1: Racist, sexist, discriminatory remarks will not be tolerated. Though there is Nazi subject matter to be discussed, we all know there is a difference between discussion and insult, so please remember to be polite.

Rule 2: This is an AxI community. If you don't like AxI, don't join.

Rule 3: Be polite to others and if you don't agree with theories or subjects being discussed, argue with logic and not malice.

Rule 4: Does anyone actually read these?

Rule 5: You will get one warning for not lj-cutting adult subject matter, large pictures or long posts. Then you're gone.

Rule 6: Don't piss off the mods.

Rule 7: This is my lucky number.

Use these images, save them to photobucket or the like, then, take the text in the box, add in the URL of the picture and plant it in your journal:

Images Will Go Here.

Starting now, every month we will have a new competition! A theme will be chosen, entries will be received and votes will be tallied. The winrar will receive a banner proclaiming their superiority or something of nature.

There will be three categories!

1. Fiction: Drabble, short story, epic story. Doesn't matter. Enter it.

2. Art: Fanart of any medium (excluding cosplay or real people). Otherwise, doesn't matter.

3. Graphics: Icons, banners, mood themes, layouts. If you use fanart, make sure you have permission from the artist, cosplay pictures (which must include you in them unless you have permission from the cosplayers) will be allowed for this but keep in mind, this will be a graphic judging only.

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✭ Mish aka IWFHellsing noblesseoblige
✭ Lore aka Thess sir_hellsing


Twisted Fairytale: Alucard/Integra Ship Manifesto.

Amor retorcido (A Spanish AlucardxIntegra Lj community): amor_retorcido

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