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Dancing on the Killing Field

5/18/11 04:28 pm - sir_hellsing - Some fanart I found

Outside DA:

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This is really cute too.

3/22/11 03:40 am - sir_hellsing - Fanart pimp

Japanese artist raite made a new pic of his favorite pairing (Alucard/Integra):

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1/28/11 12:10 am - sir_hellsing - This fanart!

I must pimp it for all you guys to see it.

Loved. It.

1/26/11 01:38 am - sir_hellsing - Small Fanart dump

My computer has been out of commission for a while, so I apologize if my presence has been very sporadic.

Everyone saw the new Solid pic, right?

So, I'll bring forth a few jewels of other Japanese sites:

Not many but some are very high res UNDER CUTCollapse )

1/15/11 04:16 pm - filledemarius - New art!

Just found this through Hellsing Search. Most of the comics are sketchy, but there are still some very pretty pieces:  ods.oboroduki.com/

Here's another one: tian.arrow.jp/theeighthtunnel/sb.cgi These paintings are simply gorgeous: 

Um, when are we supposed to start on Project Penelope? It's just that I've had an idea knocking around in my head for a chapter for three months and it hasn't let go.

1/2/11 05:25 pm - aweofshe - selling Alucard/Integra doujinshi

Hello everyone,

I have one Hellsing doujinshi for sale. Although it's a beauty, spending too much at the recent Comiket has forced me to cut a few precious books from my collection. T_T

If interested, please visit my sales post for more information. Thank you!

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12/20/10 11:51 am - lovelymaia_chan - [Fanfic] - Love Bite

Something small, heavily inspired by the anime series (not the OVA). I know the anime itself is hardly canon, but I just finished watching it, and I can't help writing along that source of contextual inspiration XD.

Title: Love Bite
Theme: 86/100
Fandom: Hellsing
Pairing: Integra, Alucard
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Hellsing is the creation of Kouta Hirano, and is not typically suited for children, as far as anime goes. Still, it’s fantabulous, as are all things that aren’t of my own doing.

(Her neck swelled...)

12/6/10 01:41 pm - filledemarius - Music, spread thy voice around

So, as a curious new member, I read over the ideas for Project Penelope and thought that this was good stuff. I have one or two ideas floating around that I think would work out rather well. Then, all of a sudden, I had a revelation.

After this year, I will no longer be a high school student. However, a year ago, our music teacher, who started my freshman year, was asked to do something rather unusual. He has at least one song published by Alfred (American choral music company) and was asked by a poet in Cleveland, Alexander Diaz Gomez, to put a poem of his to music. The name of the poem was "Auscencia de Penelope", or, in Spanish, "Absence of Penelope". When I first read about the project here, it was the first thing that came to mind and when we sang this song before I came here, I remember not being able to stop picturing Alucard and Integra.

Thus, without farther ado, Auscencia de Penelope: www.youtube.com/watch

Translation and text here:

En medio de las fauces de un tiempo que no es mío
In the middle of the jaws of a time that is not mine

dejo que se deslicen todas las voces que tal vez asimilé
I let all the voices that I perhaps assimilated slide

lejos ...
far away...

en el estremecimiento del tiempo.
in the tremor of time.

Me encierro
I lock myself in

una llovizna con sus barrotes ruidosos
a drizzle with its noisy (prison) bars

me hacen pensar que la estación se ha acentuado
makes me think that the season has been accentuated

que la vida casi se licua
that the life almost is liquefied

en poder contarle.
in being able to tell her.

un rumor de piel en nuestra historia distante.
a rumor of skin in our distant history.

Floto aquí en la magia de los barcos que no existen
I float here, in the magic of boats that don't exist

o los naufragios de tu fuga o la mia
or the shipwreck of your escape or mine

Yo me abstengo al fin de tocar tu recuerdo,lo dejo allí...
I abstain in order to touch your memory, I leave it there...

junto a la tiniebla clara, que objeta agotarse.
beside the clear fog that refuses to exhaust itself.

Tal vez sea la manera como me rodeo de todo lo que no me dice
This may be the way I surround myself with all the things she doesn't say to

o lo que no he visto en sus parpados cansados.
or what I have not seen in her tired eyelids.

Posiblemente con runas irónicas,
Possibly with ironic runes*,

decide en una embestida de balbuceos
it decides in an attack of whispers

buscar mis ojos en las siluetas
to look for my eyes in the silhouettes

y ponerse mi sombrero viejo.
and wear my old hat.

(You are my) interpreter...

traductora .
(you are my) translator.

Columna dorsal
(You are my) back bone

mi buen no-recuerdo.
Don't be only a memory

Though it seems to be more from Alucard's POV, I hope that it can be of use.

11/30/10 02:03 am - sir_hellsing - A nightmare before Christmas Halloween AxI art

This is too cute to not share it.

10/24/10 10:49 pm - lovelymaia_chan - [Fanfic] - How Does It Taste?

*prances in* Mmk, usually I read stuff on this pairing, not particularly write about it. But, tonight I made an exception, due to a prompt XD. Anyway, here's a beginning attempt at a drabble with Integra and Alucard.

Title: How Does It Taste?
Theme: 26/100
Fandom: Hellsing
Pairing: Integra, Alucard
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Hellsing is the creation of Kouta Hirano, and is not typically suited for children, as far as anime goes. Still, it’s fantabulous, as are all things that aren’t of my own doing.

(Clicky clicky for the linky!)
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