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Dancing on the Killing Field

8/30/13 02:16 am - ryuuzaki_megami - After Chapter 95 Fics?

*Breathes life into community* So, unless I'm just blind and don't know where to look, there's not enough fanfics based after the manga... I expected a bazillion. =/ I've found a few one shots... Anyone know of any good post chapter 95 AxI fanfics? If not, get to writing them, people. Or I guess I'll have to, though I haven't written a fanfic in ages and my first AxI fic is still incomplete. D=

1/1/13 12:07 pm - fairydrink - Short fanfic

Hi! I posted here a couple of times under etherealjuliet, but I forgot which e-mail I used, so I had to create a new account ._. Since this community is kind of silent, I wanted to add a really short fanfic I wrote a couple of days ago. It is on ff.net, and it is a way of warming myself up to start writing again ;) My last fanfic was in 2008, and I still adore this pairing, so I hope this community does not die!

I would really appreciate some reviews, either here or there:


thank you!

4/15/12 10:08 pm - ashton_albright - I notice a pattern here...

I hoping that this group isn't dead....I write AxI pairings but have lost my want to write fanfic since I never get responses.  I am hoping you are still active so that I may link or post some drabbles and have them reviewed (read torn apart and redone after people with brains read them...).  So?

Also the pattern looks like a post a month....you missed one...

2/14/12 01:03 pm - m_darkhorse - Fanvids!

(Hellsing Ova) Alucard x Integra - Get On Your Knees
{Hellsing} Alucard x Integra - Fading

I made two fanvids. There's no need to even state the pairing, is there?
Seriously. This group is getting dry. How long has it been since it was updated? Don't answer that. A long time.
Anyway, I though I'd contribute since Hellsing OVA 9's coming out tomorrow!! :)
As much as I love the wealth of AxI pictures here, there just isn't enough AMV's about them. :)

11/1/11 02:52 pm - sir_hellsing - Alucard x Integra in tumblr

I'm too lazy to link art, but here there's one of those fuck yeah tumblr dedicated to AxI.
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7/24/11 01:56 pm - sir_hellsing - Sister Community... in RUSSIAN

ROMANCIA is a Russian AxI community that collects fanart, cosplay, doujin, etc of this pairing.

Speaking of fanart, here a selection found in the said journal, Solid new pic and misc Japanese sites:

Under the cutCollapse )

Lots more in the journal.

6/21/11 05:29 pm - darklion612 - Fanart post

by ~Darklion612 on deviantART

So as a (very very very) delayed b-day present for Thess, I painted some Vampire!IntegraxAlucard, enjoy~

6/17/11 09:17 am - wierdbabe - Links

Gah, sorry guys, being a newbie is hard!! Hope this is better :D

I wouldCollapse )

TrappedCollapse )

TemptationCollapse )
Soul RescuerCollapse )

I wouldCollapse )

6/17/11 08:57 am - wierdbabe - New here!

Hey guys!

I'm new here on LJ!
My friend Thess told me about this wonderful community, and of course i had to join! :)

Here is some fanart for you guys

I would Collapse )

Trapped in a fantasyCollapse )

TemptationCollapse )

Soul RescuerCollapse )

6/11/11 08:12 pm - sir_hellsing - Fanart stuff

Firstly, these two websites contain AxI fanart.

From DA latest additions, we have this with Integra and Hellhound, plus this with her and normal!Alucard.
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